Worldwide Distributor Networks

As a renowned player in the sanitation sector that continues to innovate with fresh new bathroom ideas, Rigel actively seeks collaboration opportunities around the globe, particularly with distributors eager to gain a competitive edge. Rigel offers its expertise in restroom solutions in almost every corner of the world, helping spread eco-friendly sanitary products and knowledge from Asia to Europe, Australia and North & South America, through an extensive distribution network.

If your company intends to ride the rising tide of the worldwide green movement, and is passionate about directing its marketing and business expertise towards advocating sustainability and resource-saving lifestyles, Rigel welcomes your corporation to join our ever-expanding global network of distributors.

As a Rigel distributor, you can tap into new markets and strengthen existing ones with our innovative, eco-friendly restroom solutions. Rigel’s reputation as an innovation-leader, established track record and state-of-the-art design offers you a head start when reaching out to prospects, whether they are developing commercial or residential properties. Rigel’s end-to-end processes, including comprehensive R&D capabilities and professional marketing support, give you a decisive edge in a competitive market.

Already, many distributors with the foresight to develop and meet future trends are benefiting from distribution arrangements with Rigel.