Bubble Effect Faucets Technology

Resourceful Features

The Bubble Effect uses a technology known as the “Air Induction” principle whereby the specially designed fixture at the nozzle end, enriches water with air, so that each droplet feels plumper, more full-bodied and lighter. Because air is plentiful, but precious water is not, the Rigel inventors have designed something ground-breaking in their own spray laboratory: “The Bubbler”.

This means you can enjoy washing your hands and conserve water at the same time. The principle is simple, but ingenious: an ample supply of air is sucked in via the nozzle multilayered disc of the tap. Each layer providing the shaping of water so that air is taken in and allowed to form bubbles when it exits the nozzle tip. The result is a water which has the feeling of more volume and bubbly. At Rigel, we believe that every drop counts. Therefore it is our goal to help you save water and energy.