Centralized Foam Soap Dispensing Technology

Resourceful Features

Rigel’s advanced Centralized Foam Soap Dispensing technology is another example of technological breakthrough whereby instead of one soap container for every soap dispenser unit, there is a common soap tank which can hold much more soap and shared across multiple soap dispensers e.g. 5 litres tank. In this manner, the time wasted by the Cleaner is greatly reduced as he or she is only required to top up one tank instead of multiple tanks.

This definitely improves the efficiency, time and money for the operations. Manpower cost these days is rising and this centralized soap dispenser is can help minimize manpower time and cost. The soap dispenser uses a suction method which draws in the soap via a common tank and T-joint tube system there it can be retrofitted from 2 to 6 soap dispensers easily thus providing ease of upgrade and flexibility.