Rinano Technology

Resourceful Features

The RiNano technology incorporates advancement in material science from Rigel R&D ceramic labs. The RiNano compounds destroy harmful germs upon contact known as the “Photocatalytic disinfection process”. The special materials fused into the ceramics during the oven kiln baking of the ceramics at over 1000 degrees react to light and create a photocatalytic effect which disables the bacteria. Due to the superior ability of photocatalysis to inactivate a wide range of harmful microorganisms, it is being examined as a viable alternative to traditional disinfection methods such as chlorination or using disinfectants, which can produce harmful byproducts. Photocatalysis is a versatile and effective process that can be adapted for use in many applications for disinfection in both air and water matrices.

Additionally, photocatalytic surfaces are being developed and tested by Rigel for use in the context of “self-disinfecting” materials. The photocatalytic technique for disinfection demonstrate this process to have potential for widespread applications in indoor use and environmental health. The toilet is one of the most dirtiest places in the building and the sanitaryware comes into contact with urine and faeces which contains plenty of microbes. RiNano not only provides a cleaner and safer environment for the users but also cuts down the of using strong disinfectants to clean the toilets.