ZeroRim Technology

Resourceful Features

The flow of water is controlled just before it enters the ceramic pan. Our waveguide solution arc sends the water stream along the sides to the exact area where it is needed for a clean and thorough flush experience. The secret sauce lies in the unique shape of the toilet bowl (WC). Water flushing the bowl comes from a specially designed aperture, and is then accurately distributed throughout the entire inner basin wall.

The Advantages of ZeroRim

Most WC pans depend on a flush rim which cannot easily be cleaned. A lot of dirt and bacteria accumulate over time in this difficult to reach places resulting in unpleasant odors and smell. With the ZeroRim technology however, there is no rim thus the word – “Zero” in front. The smooth inner surface of a ZeroRim WC pan is cleaned with one swipe. And best of all, you can immediately see if all dirt has been removed. Easy to clean, green and efficient

The benefits of ZeroRim WC at a glance:

• Seamless and flawless hygiene
• Easy to maintain and clean
• Patent pending flush technology
• Unique waveguide system
• Elegant inner basin design
• Saves you time, money, water and detergent
• Environment friendly