Compared to the time when we first set up operations nearly three decades ago, customers are now spoilt for choice with a plethora of sanitary brands in the market offering almost every kind of restroom product imaginable. Yet Rigel has remained strong as the undisputed market leader in the commercial sanitation industry.

So what’s the X-factor that makes us stand out from the competition?

We never take for granted that customers will continue to patronise us just because we are an established brand steeped in history. After all, with industry trends constantly evolving, it’s the innovation and not the heritage that matters.

But more than just keeping up with the times and remaining relevant to market demands, we like to think that our customers chose to stay with us over the years because we cover all angles and add value. From a robust business model promising end-to-end solutions, to our unique value proposition of green innovation, intelligent technology and spotless hygiene, we have turned our customers into trailblazers too.

Of course, by going the extra mile to offer unparalleled customer service, we have also strengthened our ties with long-standing customers, built rapport with new associates and, true to our mission statement, nurtured a winning network of long-term partners.



Green Innovation

Green –  new products and technologies which provide customer and business value but significantly decrease environmental impacts.

Intelligent Technology

INTELLIGENT – smart products that not only have innovative and high tech functions but also provide feedback and able to perform self diagnostics.

Clean Comfort

CLEAN – products that have enhanced cleanliness comfort which provides the best end user experience.


As a responsible and responsive innovator, Rigel always consults with our customers to thoroughly understand their requirements, from the fine details to the big picture. Only then do we propose a tailor made solution to match those specific needs.


Rigel’s commitment to exemplary before-and-after-sales service delivers distinctive quality, time and time again. If you ever face issues with hygiene solutions, you can be sure we’ll be there to back u up, any time night or day, with our 24-hour Customer Support.


Rigel offers its expertise in green restroom solutions in almost every corner of the world, helping spread eco-friendly sanitary products and knowledge from Asia to Europe, Australia and North & South America, through an extensive distribution network.